Days: pending
Duration: 8 Weeks 
Time: pending
Cost: pending

PC Repairs consists of the following areas:

  • Hardware : Motherboard Archictecture, Memory, Storage, CPU etc.
  • Tools and Safety
  • Software: Installation of Windows Operating System, Trouble Shooting Windows, Introduction to the Command line
  • Software Tools: Diagnostics, Utilities, Security Tools
  • Networking: Introduction to Networks, DHCP, Protocols and the Internet
  • Network Tools: Ping and Tracert etc.

Students should be competent in fixing a Desktop Computer if needs arise, replace worn or damaged parts, Optimise a Computer’s System for better performance and construct a Desktop Computer from scratch.

Students will be equip with Video training materials and exercises and will be given practical sessions by the Instructor to verify their competence. Classes are once per week and three hrs for the day duration will be for 8 weeks. Student must be computer literate to do this course.