Days: pending
Duration: 8 Weeks 
Time: pending
Cost: $20,000.00 

Web Design Module I:

This is a 8 weeks course that covers the introduction of the web.

Web Design Module 1 Consists of the following Areas:

  • Website Principles and World Wide Web History
  • Web Server Principles: Domain Name, DNS, FTP, Protocols etc.
  • Introduction to Web Page Principles: HTML, CSS, Javascript and Server Side Languages
  • WebDesign and Development Tools and Resources
  • Laying out of WebPages in Graphics applications for export to the web
  • Detailed Training in the Laguages: HTML and CSS
  • Introductory Javascript and understanding the DOM (Document Object Model)
  • Publishing a Website to an Online Host for global viewing
  • Introduction to the WordPress Framework

It is highly recommended that students posses Graphics knowledge or has done our Graphics Design course before doing Web Design Module 1. Students will be tested of their competence before doing this course.

Web Design Module II:

These topics consist of:

  • Introduction to Server Side scripting and configuration of WebSevers
  • Introduction to Bootstrap Framework
  • Object Oriented Programming Principles
  • PHP Programing
  • My SQL Database
  • Installing javascript related scripts and Introduction to JQuery
  • How to Build a Conent Managment System using WordPress
  • Creation of a WordPress Theme
  • Future Notes for Advanced Website development

Students will be equip with Video training materials and exercises and will be given practical sessions by the Instructor to verify their competence. Classes are once per week and three hrs for the day duration will be for 8 weeks. Student must have completed Web Design Module I in order to do this module or must have basic html, css, javascript and graphics skills that meet the criteria for this course.

Note: Each Module is a separate 8 weeks course.